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Things You Need To Know About Owning A Dachshund In Singapore

If you’ve seen a short-legged, long-limbed dog with floppy ears and long snout, then you must have come across a dachshund! These adorable, “wiener” dogs are one of the most popular small breeds. Dachshunds are known for their fiercely loyal, confident, and playful personalities that people can’t help but fall for. 

Read on further to know more about Dachshund in Singapore before owning one!

Things You Need To Know About Owning A Dachshund In Singapore

Bred originally as “badger hunters”, dachshunds have been around since the 16th century. They are originally believed to be a cross between an alpine dachsbracke, pinscher, and a mini pinscher. 

They were built and trained to hunt badgers, foxes, and other small animals. Their lithe build helps them move fast and fit into smaller spaces that lets them corner and then capture their prey. Due to their unique appearance and great personality, they became popular breeds among the people, including royal families.

Key Traits of Dachshunds

Dachshunds have long snouts, floppy ears, and dark round eyes. Their body is also long and is supported by short yet strong bowed legs. They have quite expressive facial expressions that pet owners can’t resist as well. Dachshunds are a small breed that stands at an average of 6-9 inches tall, while the miniature ones stand at 5-6 inches tall. They also usually weigh an average of 5-14 kg for standard and 5kg and below for miniature, which is usually the normal healthy range. 

Dachshunds come in a variety of coat colours such as black, chocolate, cream, red, and tan and some may be born with a combination of these colours as well. Their fur coats are also different and may appear as short and short, long and straight, or wiry. The average life span of a dachshund is around 12–16 years. 

Owning a dachshund can be “low maintenance” as well, especially if they have short coats. They shed moderately, don’t require regular baths, and are easy to groom. Pet owners just need to brush their fur weekly to keep their coats smooth, clean, and tangle-free.

Personality of Dachshunds

Living with a dachshund is never a bore, thanks to their expressive eyes, facial expressions, and goofy antics. Despite their short stature, dachshunds have big personalities! They have a pleasant temperament, paired with playful and loving personalities, that makes them a popular pick among pet owners. In addition, they can be vocal and protective, especially towards their owners. Like with most dogs, they thrive under constant love and attention; dachshunds love socialising and interacting with other people, including kids and other dogs. However, they are also loyal to their owners and their family members once they create a bond together. The only challenge for those who are considering getting dachshund is how headstrong and stubborn they can be – so, please be patient with them!

Like with most small breeds, they are prone to separation anxiety, and do not do well being left alone for long periods of time. Make sure to keep them entertained with toys!

How to Train a Dachshund

Dachshund may be stubborn in nature, but training them can be easy as long as you’re patient and consistent. It may be a challenge at first, but positive reinforcement and rewarding them for doing a good job helps a lot during training sessions. 

Dachshunds can also sometimes be sensitive, so make sure you avoid raising your voice or punishing them. Prepare lots of treats, plan your training sessions, and be consistent. In doing so, your dachshund can be trained to behave properly and learn tons of tricks.

How to Socialise a Dachshund

Dachshunds come in standard and miniature versions – each of them born with unique personalities. However, once dachshunds become more comfortable in their surroundings, other people, and other animals, they can be sociable pets that love playing around. 

As mentioned, they are short dogs that can act like big dogs and may be aggressive towards other dogs and kids. It’s important to keep them on a leash to avoid unnecessary aggression, especially around unfamiliar people, kids, and new animals being brought into the household. They are naturally loyal to their owners, so they may need some time to warm up to new people. Once they become accustomed, they are friendly and affectionate towards them as well. 


Dachshunds are great pets to own, making them a popular small breed in Singapore and the whole world. They have great personality traits and pleasant temperaments but can be stubborn and sensitive. Once they form a bond with their owners, they are loyal, affectionate, and loving. They can be trained as long as you make the whole experience positive, too. Dachshunds are also friendly pets, but may be wary of unfamiliar people and animals, so keep an eye out for them if you want to socialise them with other people. Eventually, they will warm up and will gladly show their love and attention to them.

Interested to own a dachshund of your own in Singapore? They are great low maintenance pets that suit first time to experienced pet owners.

Dachshunds are available in Singapore at Pretty Pets Kennel! Send us a message for more information.

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