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Science-Based Benefits of Owning a Dog

Owning a dog can be an exciting but daunting experience, especially if you’re new to getting one for the first time. Trust us, getting a dog is one of the best decisions one could make that will literally change your life forever – for the better, too. Getting one means you get to have a companion with you—a pet to take care of, nurture, and adopt as a new family member. 

There is no doubt that the recent pandemic has contributed to the increase in pet ownership in Singapore. Mostly due to the fact that people spent most of their time at home seeking comfort while facing uncertainty in the middle of the lockdown. This include adopting pets that were able to give people support in so many ways. Dogs are able to soothe our worries, keep us less lonely, and make us feel better, too. 

If you still need convincing, Pretty Pets Kennel will share some facts about how owning a dog affects your life positively, backed by science and research. So, don’t miss out! Here are more reasons why you should own a dog.

Dogs Make Us Feel Less Lonely

Dogs are great companions that provide you with emotional support, especially when you are going through dark times. There are studies to confirm that people’s good moods have increased while their bad moods lessened while owning a pet. Especially during the pandemic when we had to distance ourselves from people most of the time, having your pet can significantly decrease the feeling of loneliness. According to studies on human-dog companionship, people who own dogs have a special bond and grow attachment with one another – where they become significant in their hearts and in their lives. Dogs are treated like how we do with children, like they’re family members that provide companionship, love, and support. Our pets can be in tune with our emotions and how we feel, so having them understand you in their own way can be soothing and make you feel better at the same time. 

A Great Primer For Parenthood 

Adopting a dog is almost synonymous with having a child, due to the fact that it comes with so many responsibilities. Potty training, buying diapers, stocking up on their kibbles and treats, taking them for checkups and vaccinations, getting them toys, and many more – it’s quite similar to what you would buy for a child, right? So, owning a pet is actually a great primer for pet owners if they ever decide to get a baby in the future.

Help You Stop Stressing Out 

Aside from the usual activities or hobbies you would indulge in, owning a pet is actually a great way to reduce stress. Having your dog with you and sharing moments with them – even if it’s just a short moment – can actually “minimize anxiety and lower blood pressure and raise serotonin and dopamine rates,” according to Vikram Tarugu, MD. Just having your pet by your side can greatly improve your well-being and aid in relaxation. 

Because stress, illness, and quality of life are directly related to one another, having a pet is proven to help you live a longer and healthier life. There’s a reason why some dogs are hired as therapy dogs, they provide the needed health support that some individual needs, such as mental health illnesses. 

Dogs Encourage You To Move 

Having a dog requires it to get the daily exercise it needs to stay fit and healthy. So, it’s highly encouraged for pet owners to take their dogs out on walks or jogs. In doing so, you get movement and exercise of your own as well. They say that dog owners spend at least 300 minutes a week walking their dogs, compared to those who don’t have pets. A study was conducted in the United Kingdom that showed that those with dogs are four times more likely to meet the daily physical activity requirements, compared to those without. Having to move around and walk benefits both you and your dog!


Getting a dog is a way to get a companion, have a new family member, and provide you with comfort in so many ways. They help you feel better, lessen your loneliness and stress, and make you do exercise – all of which contribute greatly to living a healthier and happier life. Not to forget that it also helps you be prepared for having a baby in the future because of the similarities on the responsibilities of owning a dog. If you’re ready to adopt and own a pet in Singapore, drop us a message at Pretty Pets Kennel, and we’ll help you find the perfect pet just for you!

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