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Toy Poodle in Singapore 

Toy Poodle Highlights 

Bred originally for hunting purposes, this little bundle of curls is mostly known now as majestic, aristocratic dogs. Toy poodles are the smaller version of the original poodle; they bear similarities in terms of their temperament, beauty, and grace. Searching for toy poodle for sale in Singapore if is available? Here at Pretty Pets Kennel, you can own one and find out more about them in the process! We’re here to provide you with the basic information of what you need to know when it comes to getting your own toy poodle. 

Aside from looking elegant and tiny, they are highly active, intelligent, and loyal. They are great to train with since they are attentive and fast learners. They require regular exercise, mental stimulation, and grooming to keep them happy and healthy. Because of their attractive personalities and temperament, to this day, Toy poodles are considered as one of the top 10 breeds not only in Singapore but in the whole world. 

They adapt well to their surroundings and prefer to live indoors. Typically, they are considered friendly towards their family, children, and fellow dogs that they live with. They also tend to shed less, making them a great choice for those with fur allergies. However, their coats require a bit of high maintenance, but they will look graceful and photo-ready always in the end which makes it worth it.

Toy Poodle Puppies History 

Toy poodles, or rather their standard and eldest version, Poodles, originated in Germany. They were originally bred to be water-waiving and hunting dogs similar to retrievers. Later on, they quickly grew popular in France, where they were kept as household pets instead. 

Over time, pet owners wanted a smaller version of this dog breed. Breeders were able to pair the smallest poodles that resulted in two other versions, which are miniature and toy poodles. However, unlike the standard version, the Toy Poodle was not bred to do jobs, but as companion lapdogs. 

Toy Poodle Personality

Similar to the standard Poodle version, this breed is considered highly intelligent. They are quick to learn tricks and patterns, so pet owners should be careful when it comes to forming habits that could potentially be bad (such as getting used to eating table food). They love routines, can be quite sensitive especially when you unexpectedly touch them or startle them, and dislike roughhousing. Not only that, but they also like to make new friends with people. Make sure to supervise your children when they interact with your toy poodles.

Toy poodles are outgoing and lively; they are always up to run or go for a walk with you. Likewise, they also get along well with other dogs in the household and will play with them well as long as they are first properly introduced to one another in the beginning. 

Toy Poodle Size

Out of the three sizes for poodles, Toy Poodles are the smallest. They stand around 10 inches and weigh an average of 10-15 pounds. These fluffy pooches appear just the same as their other versions. Their body has a square-like shape, with limbs that are as long as their body. Its whole body is covered in distinctive short to long curls Toy poodles come in different colours such as black, brown, cream, white, gray, red, and blue. 

How to Care Toy Poodle Puppies: Grooming & Basic Needs

Most people are drawn to this breed because of their soft curls and how they tend to shed less, making them ideal for those that are allergic to fur. However, they still require regular brushing of their mane since their curls can cause matting when it curls in towards their skin. You can get their fur professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks to style and keep their fur neat and away from their eyes. Like with other dogs, make sure to regularly trim their nails, clean their ears, and brush their teeth to prevent build-up of dirt that could lead to infections and diseases. 

Toy Poodle Common Health Condition / Training / Nutrition

Toy Poodles enjoy physical exercises as much as mental exercise so it’s best to engage with them actively as much as you can. Whether it’s a game of fetch, jogging, walking, or teaching them simple to complicated tricks, your pooch will enjoy bonding and learning with you. 

Dental problems are usually common with small breeds so pay attention to your pup’s teeth and make sure they are regularly brushed. Give them a balanced diet daily and make sure to feed them proportionally and on time to avoid being overweight or obese. Toy Poodles don’t require a lot of calorie intake; the ideal dog food for them must be high in protein and fiber whether it’s dry or wet or a combination of both. Consult with your vet for the ideal diet and nutrition if you are unsure of how to feed your pooch. They are generally healthy, however, they do have some health risks to look out for such as blood clotting that you can get checked with your local veterinarian. Toy Poodles typically live up to 10-18 years if you take good care of their health.

Toy Poodle Puppies Price and For Sale Singapore

Here at Pretty Pets Kennel, you can easily find the ideal Toy poodle for you and your home. Toy poodle in Singapore is available to purchase and take home. Send us a message if you are curious about dog for sales in Singapore, such as Toy poodle price, and we’ll get back to you soonest.

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