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Shihtzu Highlights

If you’re looking for a designer breed that’s a cross between two of the most popular breeds, then a Pomapoo may be the right choice for you! An adorable pooch that’s a mix of an affectionate Pomeranian and an intelligent Poodle, a Pomapoo is a relatively young mixed breed that is perfect for experienced to beginner pet owners, retirees, and singles. Despite its small size, they come with lots of affection and love as much as a big dog does. They are not that active as a breed so they do not require that much exercise (a walk once day is enough) and when they’re not playing or walking, they’re content to just chill beside you or on your lap. 

Sweet and loving, sometimes shy, Pomapoos enjoy being around their owners. If they are given proper socialization and training, they can get along well with other pets and children in the household. Because they infrequently shed, they are also great for those with fur allergies. 

Depending on the superior gene it inherits from its parents, they can look more like Pomeranians or look more like Poodles. Not all Pomapoos are the same, each are unique but are all loveable and friendly in nature. They are natural social butterflies and do not do well alone, so it’s better not to leave them for long periods of time as they might develop separation anxiety. When it comes to training, they are quick to learn and pick up on tricks as long as there is positive reinforcement and bonus treats to keep them engaged. Curious to know more about a Pomapoo? Read on further to find out more!

Shihtzu History

It is reported that Pomapoos are intentionally bred in America back in the 1990s. One of the common reasons why breeders cross breed two dog types is because they wanted to minimize the health risks associated with pure breeding. Aside from that, they wanted to combine the best traits of two popular breeds. They only started gaining in popularity recently because of their excellent temperament and personalities. 

Shihtzu Puppies Personality

Many Pomapoo owners often describe this mixed breed as very friendly, affectionate, and laid back. They are intelligent and are commonly known as big dogs in a small dog’s body. Their temperament varies depending on their environment they grew up in and their parent’s personality. For example, they may inherit the shy nature of a Pomeranian. If they are properly socialized and trained from a young age, they can grow up to get along with other dogs and children in the household. Once they are acquainted with the people around them, they love to cuddle and get the attention of them. However, despite being friendly, they tend to stick and be the most loyal to their owner. They do not do well being left alone for a long period of time, so if you have other pets in the household, that would be ideal since they value companionship. 

Shihtzu Size

The Pomapoo has an average height of 8-12 inches and weighs around 5-15 pounds. The texture and length of their coat varies from curly, short, or medium. They can come in a single colour, bicolour, brindle, or tricolour. Their coat colours are black, gold, yellow, gray, cream, fawn, brown, and chocolate.

How to Care Shihtzu Puppies: Grooming & Basic Needs 

Pomapoos can adapt well in any home regardless of the size – whether its in an apartment or a big house. Because they are tiny, be sure to be on the look out for them in case you might accidentally step on them. They do not do well in extreme weather, so be sure to avoid taking them on a walk when the weather is extra hot. They require regular grooming, daily brushing of their coat is a must to keep it shiny and avoid tangles or mats (especially those with thicker coats!). Similar to other breeds, make sure to keep their teeth brushed everyday, check their eyes and ears regularly, trim their nails once they grow out too long, and check their skin for any skin conditions or infections. To keep their coat looking well and in shape, schedule a trip to the groomers after 6-8 weeks. 

Shihtzu Common Health Condition / Training / Nutrition 

Because they are inherintly smart breeds, Pomapoos are quick learners and enjoy training sessions because of their love of attention. Make each session productive and effective with positive reinforcement and treats. You can also give them extra training to minimize their barking and to keep calm. Like with other breeds, patience and consistency is key for them to be able to properly learn. 

When it comes to feeding a Pomapoo, they require a regular balanced diet that can be evenly distributed in two feeding sessions in a day. Be sure to give them fresh water and replace it daily. For the best food recommendation and diet plan for your Pomapoo, you may consult with your veterinarian.

A Pomapoo’s lifespan is usually around 12-15 years. They are generally a healthy breed, and can live longer as long as they are taken care of properly. However, they are not immune to injuries or diseases. Some of the common health problems a Pomapoo usually has are dislocation of kneecaps, epilepsy, and cataracts due to old age. Keep your Pomapoo in top shape by visiting the veterinarian for checkups. 

Shihtzu Puppies Price and For Sale Singapore 

Take home your very own Pomapoo puppy for sale in Singapore here at Pretty Pets Kennel! Enquire about Pomapoo’s price and availability by simply sending us a message. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Adopt your own Pomapoo puppy today!

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