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Pug in Singapore 

Pug Highlights

Bred as a toy lapdog, a Pug is another pet companion you can’t help but fall in love with. They are described mostly as goofy and compact, which comes with a sense of humor that will sure to make you laugh as you bond with them. If you’re looking to adopt a pug in Singapore, you’re in the right place. Pretty Pets Kennel offers Pug puppies for those who are interested in. Read on to find out more about Pug for sales in Singapore!

Pugs are best for flats or small living spaces; they love basking in their owner’s attention and love to show off. They have quite a stable temperament and friendly personality but do not do well when you leave them on their own. With Pugs, you may need more patience than usual since they tend to be more difficult when it comes to house training. Pug is known to be prone to health issues, shedding, and is sensitive to heat. All in all, they are strongly loyal, affectionate, and friendly dogs that remain to be one of the popular picks for those looking for a pet to adopt. 

As little as they are, they come with sturdy muscles and big personalities. They are happy just being in the presence of their owners – whether it’s just chilling or going for a walk around the park. 

Pug Puppies History

The Pug originated in China around 2,000 years ago which is believed to have descended from Tibetan Mastiff breeds. They were believed to be prized pets by Emperors of China and they were able to trade their breed to Europeans, specifically to Dutch traders. Soon enough, this breed also gained popularity across Europe, especially among the Royals. It was even reported that a Pug was able to save the late Prince William of Orange by giving warning barks that the Spaniards were approaching. Because of its reputation among the royal families, it continued to become a popular breed that was even featured in Victorian paintings. 

The breed name “Pug” comes from the Latin name pugus which means fist – that describes their face and head. 

Pug Personality

Bred to become a companion lapdog, a Pug will be content to just stay by your side no matter what. Rather than guard or hunt, they would rather sleep beside you. No matter how chill they may be, they’re no stranger to having fun, so you’ll be assured that they will be willing to have a play session with you. This comical breed will adapt well to other family members, children, and people as long as they are trained and exposed to people from a young age. They are laid-back and love to please their owners as well. They don’t tend to bark, bite, or chew a lot either. 

Pug Size 

Pugs come in compact and sturdy statures, standing at 10 to14 inches in height. Both male and female Pugs usually weigh around 14 to 18 pounds. 

Their fur is perpetually short, which typically comes in various colours. The standard colours for this breed are black, silver, fawn, apricot, or a mix of these colours. As for appearance, their heads are quite big, their squishy face is flat, and has round large beady eyes. They’re distinctively known for the wrinkles that surround their face, which is believed to be crafted by the Chinese during the breeding process to resemble good luck symbols in their language. 

How to Care Pug Puppies: Grooming & Basic Needs

The Pug is easy to care for and requires basic care such as daily brushing of the teeth to prevent gum diseases and frequent checking of its ears and paws for any signs of dirt, parasites, or infections. Because of their short fur, they do not require any trimming (don’t forget to trim the nails!). Be prepared to deal with cleaning the fur since they tend to shed a lot. Like with other breeds, they also require regular brushing and bathing. The wrinkles on their faces tend to become damp and dirty that may lead to foul odour and infection, so it’s important to wipe them with a soft cloth or cotton in between baths to keep them clean. Lastly, keep a lookout for their bulging eyes since they are vulnerable to injury and infection. 

Pug Puppies Common Health Condition / Training / Nutrition

Although a Pug is generally a healthy breed, its breed is also known to be prone to health issues, some of which may come from its genetic dispositions. To name a few in which they usually get problems in: bones and joints, eyes, weight, and skin. As mentioned above, their eyes are protruding, which makes them more vulnerable to infection or possible damage. They do not do well in heat due to their short noses and could affect their breathing. These could all be prevented if you keep an eye on your pup and make sure to consult with your local veterinarian to keep them healthy and happy. 

This breed is pretty chill but has a lot of energy for a play session or a walk. Be sure not to let them be exposed under the sun for too long since they’re sensitive to heat. They tend to be stubborn when it comes to household training and tricks so be sure to be extra patient and kind with them. 

How much your pug eats depends on its age and weight. If you are unsure about your Pug’s diet, you may consult with your veterinarian for the recommended nutrition that your pup deserves. One thing to take note of is that they are heavy eaters and have a tendency to gain weight fast so be sure to proportion their feed and balance it with exercise to avoid becoming overweight. 

Pug Puppies Price and For Sale Singapore

When it comes to bringing you high-quality and healthy Pug Singapore puppies for sale, Pretty Pets Kennel is here to let you adopt one of your own. Enquire today about the price of pugs in Singapore with us, and we’ll get back to you soonest.

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