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Pomspitz Highlights 

The Pomspitz is a cross between two popular breeds: Pomeranian and Japanese Spitz. They are one of the known modern designer breeds that’s fast-growing in popularity because you get the best of both worlds in one breed with this one. You can typically spot one with its coat in a single colour, a stark white colour, or a mix of colours. They have a small stature that is surrounded by a fluffy mane. A Pomspitz is great companion dogs; they tend to be friendly, highly energetic, and loyal to their owners. 

Looking for a designer breed that is both loving and fits well with families and children? Then the Pomspitz may be the right breed for you! The Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix can be quite unpredictable when it comes to their personalities, but generally, both a Pompsitz parents possess great qualities and personalities that they may inherit. If you like being active, then a Pomspitz can match you with their high energy. Otherwise, it’s great to give them frequent exercises to keep them happy and sated. They can also be great guard dogs that are alert and will bark at strangers or noises they’re not familiar with. 

At the end of the day, Pomspitzes are loyal, affectionate, and outgoing dogs. They make for great first-time dogs as well. They love pleasing their owners and are always looking forward to spending quality time with them. Furthermore, they may be a rare breed, but because of their charming and humorous nature, you can’t help but fall in love with them once you get to know them. Curious to know more about this Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix? Read on to learn more about Pomspitz – a Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix breed that may be the perfect match for you. 

Pomspitz History

A Pomspitz was first bred in the United States. Little is known about their exact origins, but their designer breed only became popular recently. A brief history of the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix’s parents will let you get to know a little bit more about this breed. The Japanese Spitz came to Japan as a direct descent of German Spitz where they were cross-bred with other Spitz until it came to be. They grew in popularity once they got exported to Sweden until they were known worldwide. On the other hand, the Pomeranians are the relatives of the larger ski led spitz dogs and originated from Pomerania. Pomeranians quickly became popular because of royal families.

Pomspitz Puppies Personality

The temperament of a Pomspitz depends entirely on its birth parents. These will heavily influence their personality and nature as they grow older. They tend to be energetic and spunky; they both love attention and being independent as well. The way they behave can be influenced by how they are brought up and trained as puppies, so make sure to train them well. Positive reinforcement and proper socialization is a must when it comes to training your new pup. Generally, the Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix is affectionate, loving, loyal, friendly, and charming. When it comes to interacting with children and other dogs, they get along well as long as they are trained properly. 

Pomspitz Size 

The average size of a Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix can range from 9 to 14 inches once it grows into an adult. When it comes to a Pomspitz weight, they typically weigh around 5 to 12 pounds. Their appearance varies depending on the dominant trait they may inherit from both of their parents, but they come in solid colours or a mix of various colours. 

How to Care Pomspitz Puppies: Grooming & Basic Needs

As previously mentioned above, their coat and appearance rely heavily on the dominant trait from the Japanese Spitz or Pomeranian. Their coats are thick, fluffy, and soft and will require brushing weekly to avoid tangles, matting, and shedding. Moreover, Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix are moderate shedders. They require frequent bathing and grooming to keep their coat shiny and neat. Regularly brush their teeth, check their eyes, ears, and paws for any dirt, and trim their nails. 

Pomspitz Common Health Condition / Training / Nutrition

The average lifespan of this Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix lasts for about 12-16 years. To keep a Pomspitz happy and healthy, make sure they are getting regular exercises or training sessions to make use of their high energy levels. Keep them engaged with long walks or runs, games, or an interactive toy that will keep them busy. Pomspitz is intelligent and may sometimes have an attention span, so be sure to be patient and firm when it comes to training and housebreaking. They best respond to positive reinforcement and short, high-engaging activities with a treat to award them when they do a good job. Their health issues are similar to that of their parents that they may develop. The common health issues involve the eyes, joints, hips, dental, and trachea. Schedule a regular checkup with your vet to keep an eye out for possible issues. Lastly, they require a good balance of nutrition for their daily feeding. The amount of food required for them depends on their size, lifestyle, and activity levels. You may consult with your veterinarian for diet recommendations. Avoid overfeeding that may lead to overweight issues!

Pomspitz Puppies Price and For Sale Singapore

Want to have your own Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix? Pomspitz for sale in Singapore are available here at Pretty Pets Kennel! Enquire today to know about Japanese Spitz Pomeranian mix prices and for sale. We’ll let you know of their availability and prices.

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