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Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Highlights

If you’re looking for an outgoing, loyal, and highly-energetic companion, then you might consider taking a Miniature Schnauzer home! Ideal to fit in apartments, they generally get along with most people, other pets, and even with children because of how friendly they are. Their breed is considered to be one of those big dogs in a small dog’s body; always up for playtime, always has the energy to run around and play, and thrives in attention. They’re prone to becoming bored, so they need constant stimulation, and you don’t have to worry about fighting for their attention since they’re also eager to please. 

Miniature Schnauzer can be known for its funky moustaches that match its loving and affectionate nature. They can adapt well to their surroundings and to any climate; a miniature schnauzer is a natural extrovert that loves to socialize and be involved in all family activities. They are also known to shed less, making them ideal for those who have allergies. As with other dogs, they need to be regularly groomed and brushed to keep their coat shiny and net. 

Another thing to know is that they make for great watchdogs as well. They are eager to answer the door alongside and greet just about anyone that comes to your home. They are easy to train and do tricks since they are known to be intelligent and obedient. Aside from adapting to homes, they also make great traveling companions! Curious to know about this spunky breed? Read on further to learn more about Miniature Schnauzer puppies for sale in Singapore today.

Miniature Schnauzer History 

The miniature schnauzer is a direct descendant of its larger counterparts, the standard schnauzer and affenpinschers. Their origins can be traced back to the late 19th century in Germany. The original schnauzers were originally bred by crossing a poodle and an affenpinscher. Raised to be rat hunters, they were used to helping and guarding farmhouses as well. A schnauzer means “beard”, which matches their signature appearance. This breed grew in popularity only after WWI in Europe, and soon worldwide. 

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Personality

Do not judge a miniature schnauzer by its adorable appearance! They may be a handful for beginner pet owners because of their energetic nature. They are known to be incredibly loyal and once you earn their trust, they’re the type that won’t leave you alone. Not only that, but they will literally follow you wherever you go, and will be content to just watch you do whatever. They’re full of affection and won’t hesitate to cuddle up to you; however, they’re not much for lapdogs; they would rather explore and wander around because of their curious nature. This breed is also a very alert watchdog that will react to unfamiliar noises and strangers that come to your home. Because their breed was originally known to hunt rats, they are known to have high prey drive, so you’ll expect them to catch a rat or two when they’re off the leash. Lastly, they are known to be obedient and quick-learners so, training and housebreaking with them will be easy.

Miniature Schnauzer Size 

A miniature schnauzer generally stands 12-14 inches and weighs about 11-20 pounds. They are the type of breed that is quick to recognize because of their scruffy appearance, with their boxy form, and medium-to-long coat. The most common colours for this breed are white, black, gray, or a mix of this three in various patterns.

How to Care Miniature Puppies Schnauzer: Grooming & Basic Needs

A miniature schnauzer’s coat is easy to maintain and groom. However, they still need regular grooming; make sure to regularly brush their fur, clean the ears, brush their teeth, and trim their nails. Moreover, their coat barely sheds, making them the perfect hypoallergenic pet for those who are worried about their allergies. Take note that you might need to schedule a trimming for their fur more frequently because of how fast their coat grows. 

Living with them is easy since they adapt well to their surroundings, to other people, to children, as well as other dogs in the household. Take note that they tend to bark a lot, but they can be trained to lessen it to avoid disturbing your neighbours. 

Miniature Schnauzer Common Health Condition / Training / Nutrition

This breed is generally healthy, however, they do come in a high body fat count. This means they accumulate more calories as they feed, making them more prone to weight gain or being overweight. Make sure to limit their treats or snacks in-between meals and to only give them the prescribed amount of food for their daily intake. Make sure to visit your local vet yearly to have them checked.

Next, when it comes to training, you won’t stress too much on it because they are known to be intelligent creatures that are quick to catch on. They are easy to potty-train and teach new tricks because they enjoy stimulating activities and love to please their owners. As mentioned before, they are highly energetic, so they require lots of exercise. 

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Price and For Sale Singapore

Ready to bring home your very own miniature schnauzer puppy? Enquire with us today about miniature schnauzer puppies’ price and for sale in Singapore today. Here at Pretty Pets Kennel, we’ll provide you with healthy and high-quality miniature schnauzer puppies for sale that you will love! Send us a message now. 

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