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Miniature Poodle Highlights

Miniature Poodles are versatile, athletic dogs that are friendly and intelligent. They make for great companion dogs and even better family dogs thanks to their easygoing and pleasing attitude. Generally, they are also gentle towards kids and other pets in the household, so you’ll have no problem having them interact with each other. This affectionate pooch is easy to train, almost to non-shedding, and does not smell. Even if they are hypoallergenic breeds, they can be quite high maintenance when it comes to caring and grooming them. 

Miniature poodles are fiercely loyal to their owners; they are easy to adapt to their surroundings, so you’ll have no problem housing them in an apartment, a condo, or even a family house. They are surprisingly agile and active; miniature poodles thrive with various activities such as daily walks, exercises, training sessions, and outdoor plays. It’s important to keep them engaged as they easily get bored and restless, which could lead to their own destructive fun. They are naturally a people-breed and do not do well when left alone. Moreover, they are also awesome watchdogs that bark at any unfamiliar noise or people they do not recognize. 

However elegant and demure they might look, a miniature poodle is packed with stamina, skill, and agility. It’s not surprising that their breeds are known to compete in dog competition because of their innate talents. Want to learn more about Miniature Poodles for sales in Singapore? Scroll down further to find out more about them!

Miniature Poodle History 

Similar to their predecessors, miniature poodles, or rather poodles, were bred to be water-waiving pets that help hunt waterfowl for their owners. They were first spotted in Europe, in Germany and France. Because of their wit and talent, this breed was used to perform in circuses and dog shows. Similar to the Toy Poodle, the miniature poodle was the direct descendant of the standard poodles.

Miniature Poodle Puppies Personality

When it comes to a Miniature Poodle, their temperament is usually in the middle. Not so hyper, but not so calm either – so they are a great balance of this two. Like with poodle breeds, they can be anxious and timid, so it’s best to give them constant attention, love, and care. This breed, once they get to know you and their surroundings, can be confident and playful, too. They have a moderate temperament, and are filled with love and affection; they also have a funny side to them that only comes out when they are in the presence of their owners. They are smart and can be a bit naughty wherein they challenge their owners. All in all, a miniature poodle is a spunky, loving companion that everyone, even first-time owners, will fall in love with.

Miniature Poodle Size 

A Miniature Poodle stands at 11-15 inches, weighing around 15-17 pounds. To distinguish a miniature poodle, they usually appear with a sort-of athletic small-medium frame, a long head and muzzle, long hanging ears, and curly or wavy hair surrounding their entire body. They come in an array of colours to choose from such as cream, white, black, silver, grey, and brown. They shed minimally, so they make for pets that suit those with allergies. 

How to Care Miniature Poodle Puppies: Grooming & Basic Needs

Even if miniature poodles do not shed, they still require grooming and care. They need daily brushing to prevent matting and possible tangles. Like with other dogs, they require frequent bathing, cleaning of the ears, trimming of the nails, and brushing their teeth. You may book appointments with the groomers to keep their mane neat and shaped. 

Keep your poodle entertained by engaging and playing with them. You can use various toys to have fun, preventing them from being bored and restless.

Miniature Poodle Common Health Condition / Training / Nutrition

Miniature poodles usually live for long periods of time, ranging from 10-18 years. They are considered to be generally healthy dogs as well. However, due to their small frame, they can be prone to hip and joint injuries. Another one to look out for is possible dental problems that are apparent with smaller breeds as well. 

Next, when it comes to training, miniature poodles are active breeds that need exercise through walks or runs. They will also be up for an adventure, love to explore places, and discover new crooks and crannies. They are also great swimmers and love to swim, which is another great exercise for them. As for training, they are willing to learn and are obedient. They are fairly easy to house train and learn new tricks. They love to show off their agility and skills if they can.

When it comes to feeding, they don’t have a lot of dietary issues. It’s important to keep them fed regularly, on time daily. Be sure not to overfeed them. If you’re unsure of how to feed or what the best nutrition to provide your pooch, you can consult with your local veterinarian so they may recommend the best food and portion sizes.

Miniature Poodle Puppies Price and For Sale Singapore

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