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Maltipoo For Sale Singapore Highlights

Maltipoo puppies are affectionate designer dog breeds that are a cross between a Maltese and A Miniature or Toy Poodle. These small balls of fur love to cuddle and please their owners. Devoted and loyal, Maltipoo puppies is perfectly suitable for families with kids, empty nesters, therapy companions, and first-time pet owners. They’re also known to be non-shedders and can adapt well to their surroundings. Interested in getting to know Maltipoo for sale Singapore? We’ll give you the necessary information to get know more about them!

Maltipoo puppies feature curly, long, or wavy coat that comes in various colours and combinations. They are intelligent designer breeds that are easy to train and quick-learners. However, they are known to be sensitive and can develop separation anxiety if they do no get enough attention they need. Maltipoo puppies are natural-born watchdogs that stay alert and react to unfamiliar sounds they may hear from different distances. 

The adult-sized version of these breeds can be mistaken as puppies due to their small stature. No matter how tiny they may be, they come with lots and lots of energy that they like to spend running around and playing with their owners. They’re a popular choice for pet owners due to their gentle and fun-loving nature.

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Maltipoo Puppies History

It is believed that Maltipoo puppies first appeared in the United States around 20-30 years ago. They are not officially recognized as official breeds, but that doesn’t stop the popularity it has garnered over the years. Cross-breeding is not uncommon; the first people who wanted a Maltipoo probably wanted to get the best of both worlds from its parents – to get a small and loving companion that fits into any lifestyle and any family. 

Maltipoo Puppies Personality

Maltipoo puppies are absolute sweethearts, gentle, easygoing, and devoted pets that are content to just chill with you on your lap or go for a round of fetch. Once they get accustomed to you and your space, you bet that they will always be up for a cuddle. All the energy and charming personalities are credited from its parents. They thrive under constant attention and care so make sure to attend to their needs properly to lessen the chances of them developing separation anxiety and behavioural issues such as biting, chewing, and destroying objects around the house. 

Do you own other dogs? No need to worry, Maltipoo puppies are great pack mates. They get along well with other dogs due to their lack of aggression and temperament. They’d rather roll around and play with them, than fight. Make sure to properly introduce and socialize your pup so they can get along well. Aside from that, they generally are friendly towards strangers, families, kids, and babies. Do remember to keep an eye out for babies or kids when interacting with your Maltipoo!

Maltipoo puppies are also known to be alert and will likely bark when it comes to suspicious objects or noises. Again, they typically don’t have any aggression, but be sure to give them proper socialization while they’re young.

Maltipoo Puppies Size 

Maltipoo puppies grow into varying sizes as they reach adulthood. They usually stand at 8-14 inches in height and weigh around 5-20 pounds. The life expectancy for their breed lasts from 10 to 13 years. 

They can come in several colours and combinations but, dominantly, they come in cream or white colours. Its soft coat can grow from medium to long length that’s either wavy, curly, or straight. 

Maltipoo Puppies Grooming & Care

Even if their fur sheds less, Maltipoo puppies require high maintenance for their coats. Their manes are prone to tangles and mats if not brushed properly daily. Keep a regular schedule of grooming and bathing your pooch to keep them healthy, especially for nails and hair around the eyes and face that need monthly trimming. Those with lighter coats may be prone to tear stains around the eyes that can be reduced or removed with proper grooming. 

Other grooming needs are proper dental care that is a must for small breeds. Make it a habit to brush their teeth twice or 3 times a week to reduce tartar buildup and prevent bad bacteria from forming. 

Maltipoo Puppies Health / Training/ Nutrition

Although they are considered indoor pets, Maltipoo puppies are active breeds that like to play and exercise daily. Whether it’s a short walk, playing fetch, or any play session, make sure to engage with them for 10-15 minute to keep them happy and healthy. This will also reduce destructive behavior that happens when there is excess energy unused. They are generally a healthy breed but make sure to keep an eye out for any diseases when it comes to crossbreeds. Schedule appointments with your veterinarians for their needed checkups.

When it comes to training your pooch, you have to be patient with them. Positive reinforcement and treats are great bonuses to keep your dogs engaged and quickly learn more tricks. 

How much dog food is fed to your Maltipoo puppies depends on their size, activity level, and age. It’s better to be consistent when it comes to their food portions and feeding schedule. The quality of food you give them also makes a difference. If you notice your dog putting on excess weight or not eating enough, be sure to contact your local veterinarian to check your Maltipoo’s condition and recommend the proper diet.

Maltipoo For Sale Singapore Price

Do you think that puppies for sale is the one for you? Inquire about Maltipoo for sale and its price by dropping us a message! We can match you with a Maltipoo for sale that will suit your lifestyle and needs. 

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