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Beaglier Highlights

Beaglier is a designer breed, a cross between a Beagle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are small-medium-sized dogs with bright, expressive eyes that you can’t help but fall for. These energetic pooches are affectionate and loyal especially to their owners; they get along well with kids and other dogs in the household as well. Whether it’s in a large home or in an apartment space, a Beaglier adapts well to their living environment. They’re the type of breed that loves being around people, so they may be prone to separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. 

 If you have an active lifestyle, Beagliers can keep up with you and will love the constant exercise that they can use their energy on. Their naturally curious nature will lead you to different places, and you’ll surely always have an adventure with them on your side. On the other hand, when Beagliers are not active, they can be lazy and chill. They are content to just lie in with you as they have a nap. They thrive under constant attention and affection, and would love to return all of that with you, so expect them to be at your side at all times as well. 

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your home and family, then the Beaglier might be the perfect pooch for you. They are well-mannered, even-tempered pets that are natural watchdogs who will alert you when it comes to unfamiliar noises or even strangers nearing your home. This breed is the perfect dog for both first-time and experienced pet owners. Want to learn more about this adorable breed? Read more about Beagliers below!

Beaglier History 

The Beaglier came to be around the 1900s in Australia. The original breeders wanted a smaller breed that had the healthiness & energy of the Beagle and the well-manners and temperament of a Cavalier. Together, this breed is an even-tempered dog that has a lesser scent-driven instinct and lesser genetic health issues. It is a modern designer breed that quickly grew in popularity in Australia and, later on, the whole world, due to its loving personality and good temperament. A brief history of the parents of this breed. The Beagle was developed centuries ago as a pack-hounds that would help in hunting and were even better friendly companion dogs that were popular with nobles because of their cheerful dispositions. Moreover, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was also another popular breed among nobles. They originated in Great Britain and were named after King Charles II. They served as great companion dogs that are friendly and intelligent. 

Beaglier Puppies Personality

One of the most friendly and most cheerful dogs you’ll ever meet, a Beaglier is a natural-people person who gets on well with families, children, and other dogs. They’re fiercely loyal, make for great lapdogs, and are receptive of its owners’ moods and emotions. Because they are direct descendants of high-energy dogs, they too have tons of energy to match your active lifestyle; however, they can adapt well to their surroundings and don’t mind moving around a lot as long as they can be around you. Be prepared with how vocal they can be when it comes to noises or strangers they are not familiar with. They also have a natural prey instinct. They will sniff out non-canine creatures around and end up chasing them. They can be stubborn but with enough persistence and patience, they can be taught well. Furthermore, some of them tend to be timid so they’ll need coaxing to bring out their pleasing personality. 

Beaglier Size 

A Beaglier stands around 12-16 inches tall while weighing around 10-20 pounds. They usually grow around the small-medium size as adults. They may easily be mistaken for beagles at first glance, however, if you see them closely, you’ll find their characteristics have a mix of two breeds. They are often tricolour (white, brown, and black), with huge expressive eyes, soft, floppy ears, and a shorter muzzle compared to a Beagle’s. Their coat is dense, with its fur being wavy and short.

How to Care Beaglier Puppies: Grooming & Basic Needs

Depending on the breed’s characteristics, their grooming can also vary. If your Beaglier has shorter hair, it will require few brushings per week whereas if they have longer hair, it will require daily brushing to prevent tangles and mats. Like with other breeds, they need frequent bathing, cleaning of ears, trimming of nails, and daily brushing of their teeth. Because they most often have shorter fur, they do not do well under extreme weather conditions. They tend to shed lots during shedding seasons (if they inherit the Beagle aspect of this), so take note of that if you have allergies to fur. Otherwise, you can expect they may have low shedding if they do inherit the Spaniel genes. 

Beagliers can adapt well to different places you put them in. As long as they get regular exercise, attention, and stimulation. Their scent-driven nature will have them roaming inside and outside, eager to chase and catch non-canine creatures lurking around. They are content to walk around your place, but they would appreciate it more if you provide them with toys to keep them entertained.

Beaglier Common Health Condition / Training / Nutrition

Beagliers are generally healthy dogs. They may be prone to obesity, but this can be controlled with a balanced diet. Some of the most common problems your pup can face if not cared for include ear infections, eye infections, and joint problems. Make sure to have annual checkup and appointments with your veterinarian to check their overall condition and to keep them updated with their required vaccinations. 

Having high energy levels, a Beaglier requires daily exercise to keep them engaged and happy. Taking them for a walk or run and playing games with them is a good exercise routine to keep them from being overweight, destructive, and lessen their separation anxiety. They are intelligent breeds that will respond well to training. Although some of them may be stubborn, you have to be persistent and patient when it comes to house breaking and learning new tricks. 

When it comes to feeding your Beaglier, they usually require 1 cup that can be divided into two parts in a day daily. Give them enough treats in between meals, you can use while you train them. Avoid feeding them more than the suggested amount recommended by your local veterinarian to avoid potential weight gain. 

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