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7 Dog Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

If you’ve been doing your thing and then suddenly find yourself looking at your dog, sometimes, if not most of the time, you’ll find them asleep. Dogs usually sleep around 10 – 14 hours a day, including naps in between and nighttime sleeping. Puppies and senior dogs, tend to sleep longer. Some larger breeds of dogs can also sleep for more than 14 hours.

As you observe them catch up on some Zs, you might be wondering to yourself if your dog’s sleeping position means anything. Just like us, dogs sleep in a variety of positions where they can feel most comfortable. Aside from that, dogs’ sleeping positions also show us pet owners what they’re feeling and the level of trust they have for their owners and their surroundings. 

From sleeping on their sides to their backs, find out what each dog’s sleeping position means and gain insights into their adorable sleeping habits as well. 

The Side Sleeper 

One of the most common sleeping positions for a dog is the side sleeper or sleeping on their side. You’ll find your pet lying on its side with its legs extended. If you find your pet in this position, it means that they trust its surroundings, are relaxed, and are comfortable in the temperature they’re in. 

Dogs on their sides sleeping are most likely in a deep sleep, so the chances of your dog dreaming are highly likely. You’ll find some dogs with vivid dreams who end up twitching,  kicking their legs, or mimicking running in their sleep. 

The Lion Pose

When your dog is lying on its front with its head supported by its two front paws, then it’s in the lion pose sleeping position. It’s a napping or quick snoozing position, where your dog is relaxed, but is quick to wake up and get up in case action is needed for their move. When they are in this position, they are not deeply asleep. 

Curled Up In A Ball 

If your dog is lying on their side and curled inwards, as if forming a circle with their tails included, then they’re in a sleeping ball or ‘donut’ position. A dog sleeping in this position is usually trying to make itself smaller while regulating its body temperature. It’s a way for them to stay cool, especially if it’s extra cold. It can also be a way for the dog to protect itself and feel less vulnerable. 

The Superman Pup

With their front legs pointed forward, and their back legs positioned stretched backwards with their stomach touching the floor, then your dog must be in their superman sleeping position. Dogs sprawled into this position are most likely exhausted from a day of going out on their walks or playing. Despite this comfy position, dogs who sleep like this are also ready to spring into action and are ready to get up if you need their attention.

Back Sleeper 

Another one of the endearing sleeping positions you can find your dog sleeping in is on its back, belly up, with their paws in the air. This is another one of a dog’s vulnerable positions, and sleeping in this position means they trust you a lot and are very comfortable in the surroundings they are in. Additionally, this position lets them cool off, especially when the temperature is extra hot. Dogs who sleep on their backs are also prone to adapt easily to their surroundings. 


If you sleep with your dog on the same bed or while you’re napping on the sofa, then you find yourself feeling them on your back and settling there, then you must feel very loved and trusted! Dogs who sleep with their backs touching another dog or your own are showing their ultimate trust and intimacy. Furthermore, it is a way for your dog to show that it cherishes its special bond with you. It’s a way for them to show love and be affectionate with other dogs and with their owners.

Cuddling or Snuggling

You’ll find your dog cuddling up to you or your fellow dogs while they’re asleep. If you notice them doing this, they most likely carried this habit from when they were puppies who liked getting close to others in order to reheat their temperature. Most days, if your pet does this, it’s a way for them to feel comfortwhen they’re close to dogs or owners who they trust. You get cuddles and help them stay warm at the same time. 


Dogs spend most of their time at home sleeping, especially if they live in quiet homes compared to active ones. As they sleep, you can find them in a variety of positions to indicate how comfortable they are, how deeply asleep they are, and to help regulate their body temperature. Your dog’s position while it sleeps says a lot about what they’re feeling, and you’ll find them moving in adorable to silly ways to sleep to show you how much they trust you, how they adapt to their surroundings, and even how they show affection.

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