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How Much Does A Dog Cost in Singapore? 

Finally decided to get your own dog after numerous scrolling through dogstagrams and cute Tiktok videos? Have you’ve been thinking about it for a while and you’re ready to take the next step? Owning a pet is a great way to have an adorable companion that provides you love, comfort, and fun everyday. And while the demand for dogs continues to grow in Singapore (that started mostly during the pandemic), owning or adopting a pet isn’t as easy as it seems. 

Simply going to a pet shop and bringing them home isn’t enough. After all, pet ownership is a huge responsibility. Much like having a kid of your own, owning a pet requires emotional, financial, and physical commitment. There are many factors to consider when it comes to adopting or buying a dog of your own. One of the things to consider is the financial costs. 

Here at Pretty Pets Kennel, we’ll be discussing the cost of owning a pet in Singapore. Get ready to take note of dog costs in Singapore, to be able to ready yourself financially!

List of One-Off Costs of Owning A Dog

Cost of Adopt or Purchase

There are two options to consider when getting your own dog. Adopting a dog generally has minimal costs that go into covering costs in adoption centers, medical requirements, and maintenance for dogs while they wait to be rehomed. Choose the adoption option if you want to save more costs and another dog’s life at the same time. The adoption cost of owning a dog from dog shelters such as SPCA (Society for the Prevention and Cruelty of Animals Singapore), ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs), SOSD (Save our Street Dogs), 

CAS (Causes for Animals Singapore), and VFA (Voices for Animals) varies depending on the dog’s age and inclusions. The cost of adopting dogs below 7.5 years start from $180 – $250, while the cost of adopting dogs 7.5 years and above start at $70. The inclusions for the adoptions usually include vaccinations, sterilization, de-worming, microchipping, registration, and licensing.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend more money on purchasing, make sure to choose a reputable breeder. Be prepared to spend starting at $1,000 and above – depending on your chosen breed, if it’s purebred or not, or special pedigree dogs. The fees to pay for the inclusions are separate, too.  

If you want to consider purchasing from a breeder, visit us at Pretty Pets Kennel. We offer a variety of breeds for any type of owner, whether you’re a first time pet owner, looking for hdb-approved breeds, or looking to add another member to the family. We also highly prioritise responsible breeding and support ethical sales of all breeds. Every puppy you purchase comes with a package inclusion of microchip certificate, complete medical records of vaccinations given to the puppy, parentage sessions, and many more exclusive services and offers. 

Dog Licensing

The cost for dog licensing starts at $15 for dogs aged 5 months. If you own more than 2 dogs, the cost varies depending on the license length option you choose. 

The costs are as follows (according to NParks – Animal & Veterinary Service):

CategoryOne-year licenseTwo-year license  Three-year license  One-time license** 
Dogs below five months of age  S$15 per dogN.A. N.A.N.A.
First three dogsSterilised:S$15 per dogNon-sterilised:S$90 per dogSterilised:S$25 per dogNon-sterilised:S$165 per dogS$230 per non-sterilised dogS$35 per sterilised dog
Fourth and subsequent dogS$180 per dogORA reduced licence fee of S$15 for the fourth dog^S$325 per dogORA reduced licence fee of S$25 for the fourth dog^S$460 per non-sterilised dogS$460 per sterilised dogORA reduced licence fee of S$35 for the fourth dog^
Cost of Dog Licensing from NParks

As of September 2020, you can apply for a one-time licensing for your dog that is valid for a dog’s lifetime. This option is only available for sterilised dogs only. 

Microchipping Costs

This is a highly recommended option to get for your dog. The advantage of getting your dog microchipped is that it is a permanent identification that helps trace your dog’s whereabouts if ever they get lost or stolen. Whoever picks up your dog can bring them to a vet so they can be scanned for identification. It is also required for dogs to have a microchip to apply for sterilisation. Microchipping costs starts at $50 to $90. 

Sterilisation Costs 

To sterilise your dog, the costs range from $150 – $850 depending on the size of the breed, gender, and possible complications (for example: a male dog with undescended testicle). Female dogs are more expensive to sterilise. Sterilisation is also a requirement to acquire lifetime licensing of dogs, otherwise the owner will have to pay $165 every two years.

List of Recurring Costs of A Dog 

Cost of Medical Care & Vaccinations 

Once your dog receives its initial series of vaccinations, the owner is required to renew those with boosters annually, depending on the length of the vaccination immunity. The cost of each vaccine ranges from $40 to $100. 

There are also medical care costs for different treatments, complications, surgeries, or maintenance. Some of them include flea treatments, dental care, and checkups or consultations. For example, the average consultation cost starts at $50.

Cost of Dog Food & Treats 

Depending on the quality and type of food you’ll choose for your pet, the cost for dog foods and treats also vary. The food expenses range from $40 to $100 or more depending on how much your dog eats and the type of food you choose for them. To add treats into the budget, you can allocate around $7 to $30 for them.

Cost of Dog Services: Grooming, Training, Dog-Walking 

If you own dogs that have long and/thick coats, they usually require more grooming and is more expensive. The general costs for grooming starts at $20 to $110. You can save a few bucks from shorter-haired dogs since they usually only require grooming in the ears and nails – which you can do on your own if you are able to. DIY Grooming starts at $10 – $60 on tools you can use for a long time on your pooch.

If you want to train your dog to grow up properly and be behaved (especially if you live in a HDB flat), you can also sign up for training classes for your dog that starts at $350 – $1000+.

If you are looking for someone to help petsit and walk your dog while you’re busy or away, the cost can range from $20 per day and $100 per night.  

Cost of Miscellaneous Expenses 

The miscellaneous costs are usually for the basic accessories and supplies for your dog. This includes a collar, a leash, food and water bowls, and toys. These range from $30 – $250 depending on the quality of the items. 


If you’re ready to become an official paw parent, be sure to be committed to this responsibility while being aware of the numerous costs that come with it. From the moment you purchase or adopt you dog, expenses cannot be avoided in securing and taking care of your dog. The one-time costs include microchipping, licensing, and sterilizing. Once you’re done with those, make sure you can allocate budget for your dog’s medical care, food, services, training, and other miscellaneous needs. 

Once you’re aware of these expenses, it can help with determining if you are ready to commit to owning and taking care of your own dog.

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