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Best Senior Dog Food in Singapore For Older Dogs

As our loving pet friends grow older, the food they eat may need to change as well. If you notice any changes regarding your dog’s energy and activity levels, you might need to recheck and see if you need to switch to senior dog food. As much as we want to avoid it as much as possible, ageing dogs are at risk for health problems as they grow older. Senior dogs are most susceptible to conditions like weight gain, arthritis, and hip dysplasia, as well as not-so-obvious changes like a weakened immune system or poor cognitive function. 

So, it’s important to reevaluate and change your dog’s dietary needs to maintain their healthy weight, keep their bones and joints strong, and keep them feeling great. Fortunately, there are senior dog foods available on the market that are developed for older dogs. Since these senior dog foods are not a one-size-fits-all for older dogs, they are specifically formulated to adjust to dietary requirements and age-related changes. 

Find out more about how to choose a senior dog food and what to consider when choosing them. Below, Pretty Pets Kennel has gathered the best senior dog food choices in Singapore!

How to Choose the Best Senior Dog Food for Older Dogs

From growing puppies to adult dogs, their nutritional needs change depending on their size, breed, and daily activity levels to keep them healthy and energetic. Their basic nutritional needs consist of a balanced diet of proteins, healthy fats, and limited carbohydrates. 

Since the basic nutritional needs do not change as your dog ages, it is necessary to adjust the dietary requirements that may benefit them more. Since older dogs’ metabolism and activity levels slow down due to age, they gain weight faster. Aside from that, they may develop different health issues like diabetes and arthritis. Here are some considerations to consider when choosing the best senior dog food for your canine companion.

Check the Ingredients

Choose your senior dog food with high protein, high fibre content, and low calorie content. Having dog food high in protein helps them maintain their muscle mass and keep their joints and bones strong. In addition, those with high fibre intake can help with stool issues and gastrointestinal problems that can arise. In doing so, it can prevent constipation. Aside from that, check for whole-food content, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, since ageing dogs have difficulty absorbing all these nutrients.

Choose Dog Food with Low Calories

The older your dog gets, the harder it is for them to lose weight due to a slower metabolism and lower activity levels. Feeding them more calories will cause them to gain weight, which can cause problems with their joints, obesity, and other problems.

Consult Your Vet For Any Special Prescribed Diet

If your dog has health problems that developed as they grew older, you may consult with your vet for specialized nutritional requirements to go with their basic dietary needs. For example, dogs with arthritis or kidney problems can have a prescription diet to help reduce the issues while giving them the necessary nutrients their bodies need. 

The Best Senior Dog Food in Singapore

1.  PRO PLAN® Bright Mind Small & Mini Adult 7+ Senior Dry Dog Food

Purina’s PRO PLAN® Bright Mind Small & Mini Adult 7+ is one of the best senior dog food in Singapore made with enhanced botanical oils with MCTs and brain supporting nutrients for cognitive health, mental awareness, and alertness. It also promotes stronger joint health, better mobility, and improved immune system, thanks to its antioxidants including Vitamins C & E. The formula is specifically formulated by nutritionists to support senior small and mini dogs aged 7 years and older. 

Price: SGD $51.80

Where to buy: Lazada

2. Orijen Senior Dry Dog Food

The Orijen Grain-free senior dog food is one of the best ing Singapore, ideal for those with grain allergies and picky eaters. It’s developed with high-protein content made with fresh meat, cartilage, and organs while being low on calories. It’s also made to be more stomach-friendly for pets with sensitive stomachs. 

Price: starts at SGD$59.50

Where to buy: Good Dog People

3. ACANA Senior Recipe Dog Food

One of the top senior dog food frequently bought in Singapore is from ACANA! Their Senior Recipe Dog Food is formulated with 65% high-quality animal ingredients like fresh Canadian chicken and raw flounder and 35% fruit and vegetables for a healthy, balanced diet for your pet. It contains fewer calories to help control with weight and provide them with the daily-intake of nutrients they need. It’s made with freeze-dried chicken as its first main ingredient for its rich source of protein.

Price: SGD$28.81

Where to buy: Kibbles SG

4.  Royal Canin Aging Senior Dog Food

Choose the best food your older dog deserves to support them further as they age! Suitable for dogs aged 8 years and older weighing up to 10kg, Royal Canin Dog Dry Food Mini Senior is another popular senior dog food developed for indoor, small pets to give them the nutritional needs they need. It’s enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA and digestible proteins to give your dog the daily needed they need. It also helps with support for digestive and teeth health. 

Price: SGD$59.95

Where to buy: Lazada

5. Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+

Your senior dog only deserves premium, high-quality good for their daily health needs! Hill’s is a science-lead dog food provider that makes food to adjust to your pet’s changing needs in terms of dietary requirements. Their Adult 7+ is formulated to support aging dogs with the required proteins, nutrients, and calories. The dog food also offers support for a shiny, healthy coat, immunity, and stronger heart, kidney, and bladder health.

Price: SGD$30.00Where to buy: Lazada

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