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Best Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers That Are Durable and Safe

If you have a pet with a powerful jaw that packs a munch, finding the right chew toys can be a challenge. Aggressive chewers require toys that can withstand their vigorous chewing habits while keeping them entertained and safe. While no toy is indestructible per se, the toys dogs chew on should be durable and safe to bite so, you don’t have to keep buying every week or so. Some toy manufacturers even recommend replacing toys once the toys have been chewed on numerous times and have a medium state of wear. 

In this article, we will explore the best chew toys for aggressive chewers, including options that are durable, safe, and designed to withstand even the toughest chewing sessions. From indestructible stuffed dog toys to vet-recommended chews and squeaky toys, we will cover a range of chew toy options to meet the unique needs of every dog. Additionally, we’ll discuss the importance of selecting appropriate chew toys for any type of dog to ensure their safety and enjoyment. 

By investing in high-quality, tough chew toys, you can provide a healthy outlet for your dog’s chewing instincts while protecting your belongings from destruction and saving up money as well.

Best Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

When choosing toys for aggressive chewers, several factors should be taken into consideration. These factors will help ensure that the chosen toys are durable, safe, and engaging for your dog.  From soft or hard materials to picking out the shape and textures, there are tons of options available that cater to dogs of all ages. Here are some essential considerations to keep in mind:

Durability of Material

 Look for chew toys made from tough and durable materials that can withstand the strong jaws and persistent chewing of aggressive chewers. Avoid toys that are easily torn apart or shredded, as they may lead to possible choking and ingesting of small parts that can lead to stomach issues. 

Safety Features 

Safety is the most important factor when choosing chew toys. Ensure that the toys are free from toxic materials such as BPA, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. Additionally, opt for toys without sharp edges that can help with your dog’s teething and prevent unwanted injuries in their mouth.

Size and Shape

Not all toys are built for all dogs, so it’s best to choose a chew toy that’s appropriate to your dog’s size. Large dogs may require larger toys that can withstand their strength , while smaller dogs need toys that are easy for them to grip and chew. Consider the size and shape of the toy to ensure it is comfortable and safe for your dog to play with. In doing so, you also prevent choking hazards and the swallowing of small parts. 


Aggressive chewers often benefit from toys built with different textures. Look for toys with raised bumps, ridges, or nubs that can help massage your dog’s gums, aid in cleaning their teeth, and provide additional satisfaction during chewing. These different textures can also keep your dog entertained and prevent boredom. In addition to toys, you can also buy durable chewing treats appropriate for your dog’s size such as rawhide or ingestible bones that are known to be tough enough that will your dog chewing for a long time – plus they’re safe to swallow and ingest.

Additional Features

Aggressive chewers will appreciate toys that will keep them entertained. Some dogs may get bored with playing with the same toys, so you can also get chew toys that level up the chewing experience for your dog. They will enjoy interactive and engaging features that stave off boredom, get their teething activity done while redirecting chewing behaviour, and mentally stimulate them at the same time. Look for chew toys with treat-dispensing capabilities or puzzle elements that require problem-solving skills. These toys can also help keep your dog off your household items as well!

Best Types of Indestructible Dog Chew for Your Dog 

Ring-Shaped Chew Toys

One of the popular dog-chewing toys is the ring-shaped chew toy! These circular chew toys are easy for dogs to carry around, interesting enough to keep them engaged, and double as a fetching toy that you can use to play with your dog with. They’re safe, long-lasting, and prevent choking hazards as well.

Bone and Stick-Type Chew Toys

Bone and stick type of chew toys are usually made with natural rubber materials or freeze-dried ingredients. They’re recommended for dogs who enjoy long sessions of chewing and nibbling since they are quite durable and are easy for dogs to hold while they chew. 

Stuffable Chew Toys

One of the top picks for engaging chew toys is the stuffable chew toys! Dogs love them since it challenges them to seek the treat inside these toys, which they can reach through chewing, nibbling, and gnawing the toy. Aside from the treats, it’s helpful for pets who are easily bored, since they can keep dogs busy for long periods of time trying to figure out how to access the treat. 

Tug Toys and Ropes

These types of chew toys are best for playing together with your pet! These resilient toys are built with high-strength yet comfortable material that can withstand the push-and-pull games between you and your dog. They usually come with handles on the other end for you to grip onto. They can also be used as a tug-of-war toy between two dogs!

Ball-Type Chew Toys

The ball type of chew toys is best for dogs who enjoy playing fetch and keeping them engaged in different ways. They might not be built for long sessions of chewing, but these bouncy toys can move about in unpredictable ways that will keep your dog engaged.

Discs and Other Flying Chew Toys

These tough flying chew toys are also popular for playing fetch with your pet! It’s a type of toy that keeps you and your pet entertained to help burn off the energy and exercise at the same time. These toys are built to last, easy to pick up, and can withstand any chew or landing — great to use for playing sessions in wide, spacious areas.

Plush or Soft Chew Toys

Soft and plush chew toys are best for puppies who are aggressive chewers! To help alleviate the uncomfortable pressure on your pup’s gums while their new set of teeth grows out, soft chew toys are recommended. Otherwise, these are most likely not to withstand adult dogs with tough jaws who like to pull while they chew, so they’re usually recommended for puppies or small dog breeds. However, some are made with more durable materials that can withstand the chews, getting carried around, and the cuddling that happens in between. Make sure to choose these types of toys carefully and choose those with multiple layers of fabric. 

Remember, no chew toy is completely indestructible, and regular monitoring of your dog’s activities while they chew on their toys is essential to ensure their safety. Discard any toys that show signs of significant wear or damage. Be on the lookout for sharp edges and occasionally check the condition of your dog’s mouth, teeth, and gums to see if there are possible damages done.

You may also consult your veterinarian for recommendations on chew toys specifically designed for aggressive chewers of any type of breed and size. They can provide insights on which toys best suit your pet and can provide guidance based on your dog’s individual needs.

Lastly, before purchasing dog chew toys, you may also check for other pet owners’ feedback and reviews to help you in choosing the best chew toys for your dog. They can provide info on the durability and effectiveness of the toys, as well as their dog’s experiences while playing with them. 


When choosing the right chew toy for pets who are aggressive chewers, you have to pick them according to different factors. Ensure that the material is safe and long-lasting to keep your dog’s chewing experience fun and comfortable. By considering factors such as material durability, safety features, size, and shape, it can help provide stimulation while satisfying their chewing instincts.  

Remember, each dog is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. It may be necessary to try different types of chew toys to find the ones that best suit your aggressive chewer’s preferences and chewing habits. Make sure to keep an eye out for your dog’s chewing behaviour and dispose of toys are that damaged. Choose a chew toy that is appropriate for your dog’s size and according to type that can keep them entertained for long periods of time. In addition, these chew toys can also promote dental health, alleviate boredom, and redirect destructive chewing behaviours.

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