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All You Need To Know About Dog License in Singapore 

Are you a first-time pet owner? Have you finally decided which dog to adopt or purchase? Finally getting the dog of your dreams can be really exciting! If you already have a list of items you plan to get or have got for your dog, make sure to never skip on the requirements and paperwork needed to be able to securely and legally own a dog in Singapore. Aside from the up-to-date medical records, vaccinations, and microchipping, dog license in Singapore is required for all pet owners. 

If you’re not familiar with pet license or dog license Singapore, we’re here to give you all the information on what dog license Singapore is and why you should get a dog license in Singapore. 

Reasons Why We Should License Our Dogs 

It Is Required By The Law

As stated in the  Animals and Birds (Dog Licensing and Control) Rules, all dogs aged 3 months and older are required to be licensed. Once the license is obtained, the owner is also required to renew it every year. The licensee is given the option to extend the validity of the license up to 3 years. 

Avoid Paying The Penalty Fee

Failure to register for dog license Singapore is considered a criminal offence and the person will be fined a penalty fee of $5000. Compared to the initial fee of $90 for getting a dog license, it would save you tons of money and trouble by complying with the requirements needed. 

To Help Control and Trace Possible Rabies 

To get a dog license is to help with possible outbreaks of diseases such as rabies. Singapore is currently rabies-free, but in the instance that a dog may carry one, having a dog license will help trace rabies. The licensee is required to take in their dog for examination.

Get Microchipped Before A License

It is compulsory to get dogs microchipped before getting a license. If you get a license while they are microchipped, it will be easier to trace your dog if they go missing.

Save On Annual Fees If Your Dog is Sterilised

Effective as of September 2020, owners who have had their dogs sterilised can apply for a one-time license that is valid throughout the dog’s lifetime. Three-year licenses for non-sterilised dogs will automatically change to a one-time license once the dog is sterilised.

Exclusive Guide: Steps To License Our Dogs

It’s easy to get a dog license in Singapore. Get started in your dog’s application for license with our step by step guide. 

Application for New Dog License in Singapore

  1. Register online and create a PALS account here.
  2. Read and follow the dog licensing conditions required here.
  3. Pay for your license via PALS or through a linked GIRO account that will automatically deducted through GIRO. Cash and cheque payments are not accepted.

Renewal of Dog License in Singapore

  1. Renew your dog’s license online here
  2. Same payment methods accepted similar to registration – through PALS or a linked GIRO account. For more information, visit here.
  3. Renewal is also possible through AXS stations or through the AXS mobile app. Simply enter your license number or bring the payment notice downloaded online to pay through AXS.

Always update and inform AVA on the following:

  1. Change in ownership of dogs
  2. Change in the address where you live with your dog
  3. If your dog is lost
  4. If your dog has died or has been exported
  5. Annual renewal of license

Take note of these requirements before applying for dog license in Singapore:

  1. You own a dog
  2. Dog must be aged 3 months and above
  3. Dog must be microchipped
  4. Dog must be confined within the living premises
  5. Meet the licensing requirements from AVA
  6. Prepare and bring the following documents:
    1. Copy of Applicant’s NRIC 
    2. Health certificate from private veterinary 
    3. Dog microchip certificate
    4. Dog photo
    5. Import permit if the dog is imported

License Fees

CategoryOne-year licenseTwo-year license  Three-year license  One-time license** 
Dogs aged 5 months and below  $15 per dogN/A N/AN/A.
First 3 dogsSterilised:$15 per dogNon-sterilised:S$90 per dogSterilised:$25 per dogNon-sterilised:S$165 per dog$230 per non-sterilised dog$35 per sterilised dog
Four and subsequent dog$180 per dogORA reduced license fee of S$15 for the fourth dog$325 per dogORA reduced license fee of S$25 for the fourth dog$460 per non-sterilised dog$460 per sterilised dogORA reduced license fee of S$35 for the fourth dog

Updates For AVA Regarding Dogs’ License

If you plan to own specific dog breeds that can be potentially dangerous or fierce under the list provided by Animals and Birds (Dog Licensing and Control) Rules under Second Schedule, they are subjected to additional licensing conditions. A fine of $5,000 will be charged for those who do not comply with the rules and conditions. If you own a new Schedule II breed that has been recently brought into the country, you must file for insurance of not less than $100,00 for possible personal injury and property damage. In addition to that, you must also take a $2000 worth of banker’s guarantee.

If you own dogs under the Specified dogs list:

  • 1 dog is allowed under non-hdb properties that have to be licensed and be kept within the premises
  • Breeds under the Specified dogs list are not allowed to stay in hdb-approved flats

Currently, all breeds listed under Part 1 of the Specified dogs list (with an exception of those that are already licensed), are not allowed to stay or be sold in Singapore.


 Owning a pet is an exciting and fun experience but as an owner, you must not forget the requirements needed in order to properly keep one. Be sure to have your new dog licensed to comply with the rules and to keep track of your dog for any possible diseases or if they go missing. Easily apply online for dog license Singapore and make sure to pay for your renewal license fees annually.

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