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Planning to own a pet soon? Great, here are a few considerations before you finalize it. Once you own a pet, it comes with responsibilities and a commitment of taking care of another life. They’re not there just to play with or for aesthetics; They require time, effort, money, and care to ensure a healthy pet. Make sure you’ve done your research, and you’re fully-equipped if you’re ready to experience the fulfilment that comes with having a pet. Lastly, we strictly do not condone irresponsible pet ownership.

Small Breeds

Small breeds are the ideal fit if you live in a flat or if you don’t have enough space to accommodate big dogs. These breeds are the perfect lapdogs and cuddlers that stay puppy-sized as they grow older. They may be small, but they come with lots of love, loyalty, and big personalities!

Medium Breeds

Just the perfect size for those who neither want a small nor a big dog! They come in varying personalities that bring in as many cuddles, love, and loyalty as small dogs do. They’re the ideal companions to accompany you, depending on your lifestyle, or as loving additions to families.


Getting a dog for the first time can be both an exciting and daunting experience. The best beginner-friendly breeds to choose from are those that can match what lifestyle you have and where you live. Below are our recommendations for first-time owners! Still not sure what to get? Send us a message, so we can match you with the perfect pup today!

Breeds for Beginners

Just moved into your new flat and want to get a pup? If you already have a breed in mind, you can browse our puppies below that are approved by the Housing and Development Board.
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