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Your Guide to Adoption for Dogs in Singapore

Pets are always a great addition to a household since they are known to be great companions that will shower you with lots of love and cuddles. They provide comfort while lessening stress and anxiety. However, getting a pet is also a way to take on a huge responsibility that requires serious commitment. You also have to be prepared to handle all the financial costs and expenses that come with pet ownership

Ready to take the next big step? Whether you’re a first-time owner or if you’re looking to expand your family, one of the options to own a dog is by visiting local adoption centres for dogs. With a variety of dogs available in each shelter, you can find one that can fit well with your lifestyle, budget, and needs. Adopting a dog is a life-changing and rewarding experience; it is a way to give shelter dogs a chance for a better life and a better home that they deserve.

We hope this guide to adoption for dogs in Singapore can answer your questions on why you should adopt and inform you of the things to consider when it comes to dog adoption.

Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Dog

A dog is a man’s best friend, and we strongly believe that, since their presence can greatly affect our lives for the better. If you’re still unsure why you should opt for adopting a dog, here are several reasons to convince you.

Save A Life

There are many reasons why a dog ends up in adoption centres, which are honestly saddening and, sometimes, heartbreaking. Dogs are innocent animals that deserve a chance to live a better life. Even if they are treated well in sanitized shelters, the place they live is supposed to be temporary due to capacity restrictions. They deserve to live in a home where they can be loved, cared for, and given attention.

Spend Less Money

You can save more on costs when you adopt compared to buying a pet. When dogs are brought into animal welfare groups, they are usually given the essentials such as vaccinations, sterilisation, microchipping, and deworming. Whereas if you purchase a dog, you will cover those initial costs, along with license fees, and other inclusive fees.

Owning a dog is not exactly cheap, but when you adopt, the price is cheaper. You also can allocate the budget to spend on other costs and expenses like license renewals, maintenance checkups, food, health insurances, and emergencies.

Choose A Dog Compatible With You

Adoption shelters are filled with dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. You may find hdb-approved dogs, mixed breeds, and Singapore Specials! They are all required to go through screening for good behaviour, personality, temperament, physical appearance, and health conditions. This is to ensure that they can be safely rehomed to potential pet owners. Once you choose a dog that you like, you can ask for the screening process guidelines and required information. This way you can get to know your dog beforehand before making your decision.

Save Time on Training 

If you consider adoption for dogs, chances are they are already trained and disciplined. It’ll give you an advantage, and it’ll be easier to manage your dog’s behaviour. Even if they’re not fully trained, older dogs can easily pick up on tricks and skills, too.

Give Support Back To AWG (Animal Welfare Groups)

When you adopt a dog through AWGs, the fees also go to processing, essentials, and maintenance of the dogs in the shelters. Aside from the initial cost to process (vaccinating, microchipping, and sterilising), it also includes expenses to provide enough food and medical care to those with health issues. 

Receive Post-Adoption Support

Getting a dog, especially for beginners, can be both an exciting and scary experience. According to the National Parks Board (NParks)’s rehoming guidelines, AWGs should provide support, help, and information post-adoption to help the dog adjust to their new home. Other types of support include resources for behavioural or health issues and recommendations for trainers and veterinarians.

Things to Consider When Adopting a Dog

There are many responsibilities that come with owning a dog, which is why it is important that the owners are 100% certain of their decision. Potential pet owners may check with NParks’ Pet Ownership Checklist to help further on their decision to adopt, as well as help the AWGs determine if the person is a good pet owner that is capable of providing the necessary care that the dog needs. 

The pre-adoption assessment checklist in summary:

  • Is the pet accepted by the entire household?
  • Can you take care of your pet their whole life?
  • Are you able to pay for the necessary costs and expenses your dog needs?
  • Can you ensure you will not let your dog walk without a leash when outside and avoid potential harm to others?
  • Can your dog live comfortably in your home?
  • Will you give your dog the time and attention it needs?
  • Will you look after your dog properly?

If you answer agree to these, you can become a good, responsible pet owner. Otherwise, if you don’t, you may need to reconsider your decision to adopt. 

General Process of Adoption for Dogs in Singapore

If you’re deciding to adopt, there is a general process that pet owners will have to go through. 

  1. Choose an adoption centre you would like to visit and adopt from. You also have an option to choose from their available dogs up for adoption.
  2. Book an appointment and the organisation will confirm your meeting date
  3. Visit the centre to meet your new pet and confirm the dog you’d like to adopt
  4. Go through the required pre-adoption assessment 
  5. Take the dog home with you for a one week home-stay 
  6. Spend time with your chosen dog to see if you are compatible with one another; let them get acquainted with the house along with the family members
  7. Report any issues to the organisation if there is any
  8. Finalise the ownership of your new pet by signing the adoption papers
  9. The adoption centre will check up on you subsequently for any updates, offer support, and provide recommendations.

Do note that adoption shelters and centres’ processes are not the same, as they might alter some steps in the adoption process and ask for additional requirements from potential pet owners. You may contact them for more information.

Adoption Centres for Dogs in Singapore

There are several AWGs in Singapore that lets you adopt pets of any kind. If you are looking for specific shelters or centres that offer dogs up for adoption, you may browse through the list below.

  1. Action for Singapore Dogs

    Contact: Send a message here

  1. Animal Lovers League

    Contact: Send a message here

  1. Causes for Animals Singapore

    Contact: | 9793 7162 / 9697 3491

  1. Exclusively Mongrels

    Contact: Send a message here

  1. Mercylight Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

    Contact: Send a message here

  1. Noahs Ark Cares


  1. Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS)

    Contact: Send a message here

  1. Purely Adoptions

    Contact: | Whatsapp: +65 9001 8848

  1. SOSD

    : Send a message here

  1. SPCA Singapore Adoption

    Website: Currently under construction
    Contact: Send a message here

Once you found the organisation you are interested in, you may contact and book an appointment with them to start your adoption process. Aside from adoption, you may also show support to these groups by donating, sponsoring, or volunteering.

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